Subdomains below to a specific Root Domain, subdomain, target
You can see the list of subdomains below to a specific Root Domain inside the Subdomain Tag.
List of subdomains
If you click on Open button you navigate inside the Subdomain page. The Subdomain page contains the tags Dashboard, Agents, Services, Directories and Notes.
Subdomain Page

Subdomain's Tag

Dashboard: you can find all the information about the subdomain with the possibility to add labels to the subdomain and the option to specify if it is the main portal for the target.
Agent: Contains the list of Agents that you can run directly into the subdomain, for example, Nmap.
Services: Shows the list of services and ports running in the subdomain. Check this link for more details.
Directories: Show the list of directories found in the subdomain after run tools like Ffuf, Dirsearch
Notes: Allows you to add notes about the Subdomain. To know more about the Notes check this link.