A target is an organization running a bug bounty program, like Verizon Media, GitLab, Shopify, etc.

Add new Target

You don't have limitation adding Targets, to add a new target you can open the Menu Target/New Target.
Create New Target
Form to Add New Target
Here we can fill all about the target, like the Target Name, multiples Root Domains, Bug Bounty Program URL with the description of the program, like and more.
The only required fields are the Target Name and at least one Root Domain, the other fields are optional.
Target Name example: Yahoo, GitLab, Shopify
Root Doamin example:,,

List of Targets and Root Domains

After you add the Target you can navigate to the Target and Root Domains either using the Target Menu or the list of Targets in the Home page.
Home Page

Root Domain Target's Tags

Each Root Domain contains the tags Subdomains, Agents, Notes, and General.
Root Domain Target's Tags
Subdomains tag allow you to see the list of subdomains below to Root Domain after running any Agent like Sublist3r. To know more about Subdomains check this link.
List of subdomains belong to the root domain
Agents Tag contains the list of Agents added and there you can run the Agents, see the Terminal, the Logs, and Stop the Agent running. To know more about the Agents check this link.
List of Agents that you can run over the root domain
Notes tag allows you to add notes about the Target. To know more about the Notes check this link.
General Tag contains multiples entries about Target like the number of subdomains, the number of Agents, etc. We are going to continue adding different metrics there.
General Tag
We can edit the Target and remove it with all the subdomains and services below to that Target going directly to the Target.
Update and Delete the Target