Takeover Agent Setup for Takeover subdomains scans

Takeover Command

Using {{domain}} ReconNess replace {{domain}} for the subdomain.
python3 -d {{domain}} -v
This Agent run in each subdomain.

Takeover Script

using ReconNess.Core.Models;
if (lineInputCount < 13)
return new ScriptOutput();
if (lineInput.Contains("service found! Potential domain takeover found"))
return new ScriptOutput { Takeover = true, IsAlive = true };
return new ScriptOutput();
Check the Readme on GitHub to know more about the Script.

Takeover Dockerfile Entry

# -------- Agents dependencies --------
# To allow run takeover inside the docker
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y git python3 python3-pip wget
RUN git clone
RUN cd takeover && python3 install
# -------- End Agents dependencies --------

Takeover Command for Docker

python3 /app/takeover/ -d {{domain}} -v