Quick start

This is a brief about all the feature that this version contain.


To access to ReconNess Home page you need to login first, check the installation menu to know what username and password are valid for you.
Login page

Add Target

To add a new Target you need click on the Menu Targets -> New Target
Menu New Target
Here we define the Target Name, Root Domains, can be more than one, etc. Check Add Target to know more details.
New Target Page

Add Agent

To add a new Agent you need click on the Menu Agents -> New Agent
Menu add new Agent
Here we define the Agent Name, Categories, Command, and Arguments, plus more options like notifications. Check Add Agent to know more details.
New Agent page

Run Agent

If you go to the Agents tab inside a Target or Subdomain you can run different Agents added before. You can run the Agent up either a Target or a specific Subdomain.
Grid with the Agents that you can run
Check Agent to know more details.
Sublist3r Agent running
In the tab Subdomains inside each Target, you can have the list of subdomains below to that Target provide by the Agent added for you to collect the subdomains like Sublist3r for example.
List of subdomains
Check Subdomains to know more details.
You can see this video