Page to administrate the users
We can access to the Users page using the Account Menu.
We have 3 types of users and 2 Roles, the Owner is the user that we defined in the docker-compose.yml (see Fig 1.0). This Owner user has the Admin Role . We can add more users with Admin Role and Member Role (see Fig. 2.0)
Fig. 1.0 We use this information to create the Owner User
Fig 2.0 The list odd users with different Roles
The Admin Role can add more User (Fig. 3.0) include Admin Role Users and can reset the password for the Users with Member Role.
The Member Role can not add other User and can reset only his own password.
You can change the Owner to other Admin User only (Fig 4.0).
Fig 3.0 Add new User
Fig 4.0 Change the Owner